SSGC has obtained another significant step up offering customer comfort, this time around with only a click of the mouse. Both Conventions involve chemical tankers constructed after 1 July 1986 to conform to the International Bulk Chemical Rule (IBC Code), which provides overseas expectations for the secure transportation by sea in bulk of liquid dangerous compounds, by prescribing the look and building criteria of vessels associated with such transportation and the gear they need to hold to be able to reduce the dangers for the vessel, its staff and to the environment, having respect to the nature of the products moved.

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I guess we do discuss some sort of affinity as we truly achieved Mr. Udon during our yesterday evening at Bangkok while he is using the cab move for his relative and we somehow chose to really consider his supply of an airport move over a private suv (we are typically more cautious of exceedingly friendly cab drivers requesting our holiday routine) and eventually hired his assistance.